Using Group Policy to set the logon picture

My previous post described how to set a default background picture for the Windows logon screen. It turns out this didn’t look so good – the picture interfered with the logon field and text.

So it was decided to set the background to a plain colour, and have a custom logon picture, and use what was the background picture as the logon picture instead.

To do this, we need to create a 128×128 pixel bitmap, and use group policy to copy this to location %ProgramData%MicrosoftDefault Account Pictures. Within this directory there are actually two bitmaps – one for guest and one for standard. I replaced both with my customer bitmap.

Finally, you need to force users to use this one, and not change it with their own custom one.

This is set in Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates >Control Panel > User Accounts by enabling ‘Apply the default user logon picture to all users’.

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