My emotions will asymptotically trend towards zero over time

I’m reading Disrupted by Dan Lyons at the moment. A blistering critique of the tech startup industry and specifically a company called HubSpot. The founders of HubSpot addressed some of the issues in the book in a LinkedIn post. I chuckled a bit when they wrote “But negative emotions have a relatively short half-life with us. Our emotions have been dissipating quickly and we think they’ll asymptotically trend towards zero over time. Besides, life is too short to hold grudges.” Using the word asymptotically is so geeky.

It did remind me of something I’ve noted in the past, and made limited efforts to address. I’m not one to bear grudges, but people do annoy me at work from time to time. This does cause me to feel negative emotions, and these emotions do dissipate quickly – normally over a couple of days.

Now, given that I know my emotions will dissipate, why do I bother feeling angry in the first place. Why not recognise that I’ll be over it in a couple of days and just decide that I’m actually going to get over it in a couple of minutes? Wouldn’t that be more productive? And is it possible to train myself to get over it quicker?

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