Making a Smoothwall Advanced Firewall VPN connection

When I try to make an L2TP Road Warrior connection from a laptop connected to the Internet via a Vodafone 3G connection the Smoothwall server gets as far as saying “ISAKMP SA established” but then fails with “Cannot respond to IPSEC SA request because no connection is known from [Smoothwall RED IP address]”.

The 3G connection is a NAT’ed connection and I wonder if this is a problem. Though NAT traversal should prevent any problems.

I tried connecting through a PC connected directly to the internet through the same ADSL modem that the Smoothwall box is connected to and it works, giving the message “IPsec SA established”. But I don’t know if this proves that it is a Vodafone issue, or a NAT issue or what.

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  1. How did you get this far? I’m trying to connect from my remote laptop (anywhere) to Smootwall VPN. Cannot seem to see it from outside.. (I have a router with VPNPassthrough activated also..) Any help to get where you are would be appreciated. Most articles only deal with connecting two smoothies together! Thank you

  2. I discovered in the end that the issue with Vodafone is that its clients use the same subnet as our LAN. To work, the client has to connect on a different subnet. Vodafone gave me a different APN which is supposed to use a different subnet, but when I tried it still used the same one.

    In the end I gave up, and now use Logmein Hamachi, which is incredibly easy to setup and has so far proved very reliable. The only downside is there is no iOS client for it, it’s Windows only.

    Good luck.

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