HP tools on ESXi (switching from hpacucli to hpssacli)

I’ve blogged in the past about using HP’s hpacucli tool to view the status of my Proliant hardware. One of my new Gen9 servers failed yesterday, and I was distressed to discover hpacucli wasn’t installed on the server. I believe this is because it is no longer supported on Gen9 Proliants and you should now use hpssacli.

So to use this on ESXi, use Putty to connect to the server, then use one or more of the following useful commands, to get any info you might want:

esxcli hpssacli cmd -q “ctrl all show detail”
esxcli hpssacli cmd -q “ctrl all show status”
esxcli hpssacli cmd -q “ctrl all show config”

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