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My ever-expanding record collection.

I stopped stealing music from file-sharing sites a while ago, but probably buy five or six new CDs a week. I probably listen to one record a day, if that! Pre-kids the record deck would be spinning all weekend, but now my lad switches it off and puts CBeebies on instead. So I’ve decided to stop getting any new music for 12 months. I don’t have a massive record collection compared with some of my record-collecting mates, probably around a thousand LPs and CDs. But I’ve got more records than I have years left to listen to them. I could be dead in 20 years time. I own over 30 Neil Young records, plus various bootlegs and live recordings. Do I really need to buy his latest album? I have over ten Yo La Tengo records and I’m not even a massive fan.

I’m hoping a lack of new music in the next twelve months will mean I re-discover the gems in my collection. I listened to the first Smashing Pumpkins album the other day for the first time in about ten years. I worshipped that album at the time, why don’t I listen to it more often? Because I don’t have time! There’s always a pile of new CDs sitting no the shelf urgently awaiting my time.